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[ROM] S.Froyo CEE edition

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  • [ROM] S.Froyo CEE edition

    iaio72 & Filipitripi

    S.Froyo Cee Edition

    Based on last Build Froyo 2.2.1 Cee Deblur 3.4.2-155-2


    + Completely deodex, and optimized
    + Settings.apk modded (style Galaxys icons) by Filipitripi
    + Framework-res modded and aosp lockscreen (white text and clock) by Filipitripi
    + Motocharge.apk modded by Filipitripi (with the permission of zorgblaubaer )
    + From original theme (made by me) removed battery icons by Filipitripi
    + Adw launcher & LauncherPro
    + OI File manager
    + Quickboot
    + Recovery by Kb7sqi
    + Milestone OC 1.4.7
    + SetVsel
    + RadioFm Standalone modded (by yipyipyip)
    + Blurdialer modded (by jjp84)
    + Milestone usb tether
    + Aosp Apps: dspmanager, calculator, Email, Cardock, Desclock, googlevoice, googleQuicksearchBox, Kickback.
    + Removed greek keyboard, kpt, photowidget and other widget
    + SpareParts
    + Updated FlashPlayer, Maps
    + Apn on/off
    + Fancywidget 2.1.8
    + Gallery 3d
    + Facebook
    + Build.prop modded

    + Enjoy

    >>>> instructions <<<<

    + Prima, flashare con rsdlite, la rom originale Froyo Deblur Cee >>>
    + Avere permessi di root >>>
    + Download e installare recovery CwM app by kb7sqi >>>
    + Scaricare S.Froyo CEE Edition rom, unzipped e metterla nella cartella della microsd,(installare come restore.) >>> clockworkmod/backup >>>

    + Consiglio wipe/data prima e dopo il flash!.


    - A big thank you to Filipitripi for his valuable collaboration

    - Kb7sqi for your recovery cwm
    - yipyipyip for your modded RadioFM app
    - jjp84 for your modded blurdialer.apk
    - zorgblaubaer for your motocharge.apk
    Android Dev
    Google Nexus 5
    Google Nexus 6

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